Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This is the colour palette for the people.
Save this image and open it in gimp (this will be in a new window, if you already have the other image open) Use the eyedropper tool to select colours.

Posted by Veronica Lin

Drawing Alocation

This is the drawing allocation:
  • On the bus - Dabaja
  • After Luna Park - Courtney
  • At the Museum - Jane
  • On the ferry - Eve
  • Picnic - Jocelyn
  • At the Opera House - Anita
  • Title Page - Veronica
  • The train - Maddie
  • Dodgem cars - El
  • In the morning - Emily
  • Ducks - Lelia
  • In the night - Jade
  • Luna Park - Ali
  • In the kitchen - Amanda
Posted By Katherine Mattick

Press Release

News flash! The next installment of the Vietnam-Australia picture book series will be released next Friday! Initiated by last year’s English X class in year nine, the series is being continued by this year’s group of literary enthusiasts with the narrative of Lucy and family. Continuing the theme Lucy’s daily experiences, we find ourselves on an adventure
in the city of Sydney! See Sydney’s internationally famous landmarks through new eyes and rediscover the simplicity of childhood in the pages of Lucy’s “Day in the City”!

Posted By Sophia Mobbs