Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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This is the technology we have used

To get the pictures on the blog, we used more than one source:
  • Dell webcam central
  • Ivy's camera phone
  • Ivy's camera bluetooth
  • Alana and Katherine's laptops

Feeding the Ducks

Here is the image of Lucy and James feeding the ducks. When actually posting this up some cropping may be needed.
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Even more of that working

Even More Fun ;)

Sophia, Catlin and Jocelyn

Veronica and Jane Colouring

Ivy, Emily and Annie

Kathy and Cherry

Leila, Eleanor and Maddy on a roll

More of Us Working

The publications team is hard at work!

Veronica and Jane colour in on their computers.

The publications team are still working hard.

illustration- title page

I have finished the next picture! :)

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This is us Working on the Book

Sophia is taking a break from work.
She is a bit high on life!
And so are El and Lilo...
Sophia again...
Well... that is Annie :)
We are still working

We have had so much fun so far! :) Thanks everyone for working so hard to make this story book, it has been great.

Thursday 28th of July- Part 2

Yesterday consisted of Colour Mania! The teams have started working together to colour in the images on a colouring program called gimp. Tablets have been used to transfer the pictures that were hand drawn onto the computer to be coloured. In addition, Advertising has commenced, as there will be an article in the College Crow (student run, school magazine). There will also be an assembly announcement and a reading of the book with Evandale in the near future. Good Job everybody and keep up the good work!

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First Image!!!

(post by Jane)

Scene at the museum.

If anyone needs any help on their picture, please tell me!