Monday, July 26, 2010

Lucy’s day in the city- Part 1

Thursday 22nd of July

Today we continued with the storybook project. The writing Team had finished writing the Story for the book. Here is a quick summary:

Lucy and her family go to the city. They wake up and start to get ready. Then they travel to the city by train. They play in Hyde Park around the fountain and look at the ducks. They then go to the museum to look at dinosaurs. Then they catch a bus to the botanic gardens and have a picnic. After, they decide to go to the opera house. They can’t go inside the theatre as there is a show on so instead go to Luna park. They play on rides then they are tired so catch a train home. They had a great day.

The Drawing committee completed allocating scenes to draw and commenced drawing.

The Technology Sector started planning outlines and designs for the book and they also created a Blog for the project, to advertise it.

Advertisement & Publicity Commission commenced planning and brainstorming ideas for promoting the book.

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